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I know I should make this post after a rewatch because there was TOO MUCH in tonight's ep that I felt was significant. BUT I NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT NOW OMG. )

Basically I'm just very happy that A2A is continuing to be awesome telly. Last week's was a great series opener and tonight's was really strong. The sort of strong you get towards the end of a series not at the beginning. If it gets better then, well... I MIGHT DIE.

Oh yes, before I go... Best use of a Phil Collins song in anything ever made. ♥
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Alas, I have no more Merlin to watch. This saddens me. I need more of its cracky goodness in my life RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT. Shall have to make do with the DVD extras, which is okay as I'm falling in love slightly with Bradley James. Of course this has nothing to with [ profile] face_of_bradley, ahem. ANYWAY, so I watched 1x13 last night. Thinky thoughts under the cut. )

So yeah, I'm too afraid to dive head first into the fandom as it is rather large already. Would like to read some fic, though, of any pairing really. If you have any recs - 'cos I'm too scared to go looking for myself - I will love you forever. ♥
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Am totally fucked. Have suddenly become a Merlin/Arthur shipper. I was so adamant all the way through 1x1 - 1x9 that I would not fall into that trap. However, have just watched 1x10 and 1x11 and OMG THEIR LOVE IS SO BLATANT. In 1x10 especially so. Even Merlin's mum ships them, ffs.

On a totally unrelated note... UNICORNS \O/.
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- Because I am slow, I have just discovered It means I can get away with reading at work and no one will ever know. Excellent.

- Speaking of books, I've just finished another EDA - Demontage to be more specific. I actually really enjoyed it and it held my interests a lot better than some of the other EDAs I've read. Fitz pretending to be James Bond helped, obviously.

- Am watching Merlin, which you may well have guessed from my icon. Have just finished 1x7 so no spoilers beyond that, thanks. I'm told it gets better as the series goes on which is pleasing to hear as it's pretty good now. Am spending most of my time shipping Arthur and Morgana, both with each other and pretty much everyone else. That said, Uther and Gaius are my faves I think. Shall probably finish watching this weekend then I can actually read other people's posts and stuff. Good times.
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I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. THERE'S LIKE A BILLION THINGS TO COMMENT ON. But I will try. Expect capslock. working for the rat race )


Apr. 20th, 2009 06:49 pm
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So I caved a did another picspam for this month's [ profile] picspammy challenge. Quite possibly my favourite scene in anything ever, btw. Of course, the music has a lot to do with it. You can listen to that here.


This is so not dial-up friendly, be warned. )
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Am still steadily making my way through the Two era. Just finished series 5 and more specifically, 'The Wheel In Space' which I loved A LOT. Erm, spoilers... )
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Title: They Go Round and Round
Author: [ profile] magicallaw
Characters: Ten, Christina, River
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Not quite the getaway either of them had hoped for, admittedly, but it did have its advantages.
Notes: Spoilers for Planet of the Dead. Thanks to [ profile] elliptic_eye for the beta ♥.

'It was less than two hours since he had said no to her.' )
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That was good. No, wait. That was really good. Moar. )
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Now that my Easter break has started, I thought I'd do something completely unproductive. That's right, folks: it's picspam time again. This month's challenge at [ profile] picspammy is favourite scenes. I wanted an excuse to look at caps of John Simm being filthy - well as filthy as one can be in a family show, anyway. So, um, Ta Da!


'What did it feel like, though? Two almighty civilizations burning. Oh, tell me, how did it feel?' )
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1. Haven't stopped thinking about last night's Law & Order: UK all day. More blather. )

2. Ashes to Ashes to return April 20th. A day earlier than was reported yesterday, but still an excellent early birthday present for me. *pulls party poppers*

3. Doctor Who spoilers of glee. )
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... I get what Freema meant by this:

I think what they've done - which is quite out of character - is deviate from the formula. It's more about the regulars, and something happens that affects them more on a personal basis.

Holy heck.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 10:53 pm
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Doctor Who spoilers la la la la la la la )

Not commenting, just sitting here smiling happily.
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New Who trailer. Looks all right, eh. Having stayed pretty spoiler free for this one, I'm quite excited. (I wish I was as strong for later specials, btw.) Also, Liz from Teachers is in it. I did not know this and this pleases me. She needs a Carol, but still, bring on next Sunday.

Ashes to Ashes is back soon as well. I knew that last night's trailer would say 'Coming Soon'. Damn you, BBC. Anyway, if I don't have Alex's blouse fairly soon I won't be held responsible for my own actions.
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Doing my usual thing and watching The West Wing before I go to bed. I couldn't go without letting you guys know how much I love Toby. Does anyone care about West Wing spoilers? )
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Flist, where is the happy shippy posts? C'mon, it's been like 20 hours and I have seen no mention. Then again, I have been burned with my ships that feature Freema and what appears to be forshadowing of something in the past. Maybe I'm wise to keep quiet about it.


Ah, what the hell: James/Alesha squeeage under the cut ) Also, am falling in love with Ben Daniels. This interview helped. He is very, erm, manly... And that voice... *daydreams* ANYWAY, I'm 'acquiring' The State Within as I type and I understand he is very 'manly' in that so YAY. To think, I couldn't stand him in Cutting It.

Oh, and I'm totally writing James/Alesha fic.
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1. Comment on this post saying you would like to play and I will give you three people.
2. Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.
3. Provide pictures of the three people.
4. Post this meme with your answers.

[ profile] marah_sarie gave me the following ... )
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Slight change of plan with the topic of my picspam for [ profile] picspammy this month. Ahem.


'Is that we as in we?' )


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