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alcomohol, alex drake being hardcore, alex drake's wine addiction, ashes to ashes, barbara/ian, being gay for freema, ben/polly, benton, bill bailey, billie piper, black books, blackpool, bolly/guv, booky wooks, britsh comedy, captain jack, chris skelton's leather jacket, classics, coldplay, crime, danny dyer being hot, dave grohl smoking, david bowie, david tennant, david tennant's wardrobe, david tennant's wonky eyes, david walliams, doctor who, doctor/master, doctor/romana, donna noble, donna noble's magnificent hair, eddie izzard, eight being bloody adorable, fandom, fanmixes, fantasy, father ted, five/tegan, five/turlough, fobwatches, football, freeeeeemah, freema agyeman, future romanas, gay boys called dave, gene hunt, harry potter, hating newcastle united, heroes, hot fuzz, howard moon genre spanner, ianto being sarcastic, jack/ianto 4hawtsexx0rz, jaffa cakes, john barrowman, john simm, josh/donna, julian barratt, law & order: uk, life on mars, lois and clark, lolcats, martha jones, martha jones' doctor obsession, martha/donna, martha/master, martha/tom, matt lucas, merlin, milky joe, muse, music, nick frost's glasses, noel fielding, oasis, owen/martha, romana, romana still being alive, rose and her gun, sam tyler, sam tyler on drugs, sam/annie, sci-fi, shamen called naboo, shaun of the dead, simm!master, simon pegg, snow patrol, spaced, specy owen harper, spooks, talking moons, tea boys with stopwatches, tegan/nyssa, teh doctor, ten being a slut, ten/anyone i'm easy, ten/astrid, ten/donna, ten/martha, ten/romana, ten/simm!master, the beatles, the brig, the doctordonna, the gene genie, the mighty boosh, the office, the simpsons, the west wing, the_doctor_and_his_bff_sarahjanesmith, three/jo, tiemcock, tim/daisy, tim/dawn, toby bouncing his ball, tom baker's voice, top gear, vince noir
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