Feb. 8th, 2009

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Just when I was getting a wee bit fed of up Jonathan Creek, Mary bleedin' Tamm shows up. Plus it was in an episode that didn't entirely suck. I should actually point out that none of the episodes have totally sucked - although one about an alien skeleton was kind of close. It's just that I hate when I can guess what happens next in shows like this. I mean, yeah, I do remember some things from when I watched them way back when the show originally aired, but still... It's just not as good as I remember it. The Christmas special just gone was brilliant, which is what inspired me to rewatch the whole series in the first place. Maybe telly just got better? IDK. The old stuff still has its charm but the plots weren't as good, I don't think. Plus Caroline Quentin looks like my old form tutor so that was always a little off-putting.

ANYWAY, Mary Tamm, making sex noises, for reals being epic on my telly was a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I shall try and watch the rest as quickly as I can, as the completest in me insists that I must, in order to feel satisfied and move on to the next thing on my massive watch/rewatch list. I'm considering Merlin, you guys, just so you know.


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