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Have no desire to do anything fannish at the moment - work is knackering me out. Oh well, one day left and then two weeks off, so hopefully I might achieve something fannish in that time. Had a small idea for some Handy fic last night, but one line of dialogue a fic does not make, so I will have to spend more time thinking on that. However there is MUCH drinking to be had in the next week or so, but I intend to have lots of chillaxing time as well. By that I mean time on the intarwebs, so YAY.

This post was going to be a lot longer, but Buzzcocks has started and OMG it looks fab, so yeah, see ya!
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It's officially Christmas because Wizard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day is on the radio. Plus I have three days left of work before the end of the year - I have a feeling I won't be doing a great deal in the office today, though. *pulls party poppers*
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Mostly battling with this feckin' cold. If one more person tells me that this particular bug lasts for at least two weeks I shall cough all over them. Bah. Anyway, it is improving. Slowly. So I feel like getting back to the norm; which I am. I am writing fic. Whoop. Done about 300 words tonight which is good as this particular story has been on my mind for a while now. Will be fit to post one day, one hopes.

What else? Well, catching up on telly has been high on the agenda. Series two of Secret Diary of a Call Girl is nearly all watched now. Have to say, I prefer it to last year, but then I preferred the second book which focused more on Belle's personal life much like this series. Plus, like [ profile] lizbee, I am having fun playing spot Billie's Baby Bump and/or Body Double. I swear they didn't even try to hide it with the Rapunzel outfit from episode 6.

Have also been watching Stephen Fry's Big Trip Around America In His Taxi (or whatever it's called). I do actually want him to adopt me. Watching him on a horse was very entertaining.

I am failing to watch SJA on the day it is broadcast, but that's what the iPlayer is for. I like watching it when I'm feeling particularly crappy as I can't tell you how much it fills me with glee. I have been looking for Clyde icons. I NEEDS MOAR CLYDE. WHERE ARE THEY ALL? HEY?

I know there's been more stuff... WORK. OMG. Yes, work. Have been working A LOT, and there is no sign of it easing up. At least I won't get bored. It would be nice to come home in the evening and not feel like collapsing in bed with a book. Oh yes, I finished New Moon. Oh, man. These books are terribly addictive, in that way where I want to point and laugh at Bella Swan for being so pathetic. Am borrowing the next one, whatever it's bloody well called, from a buddy real soon. THE SAGA CONTINUES OMG.

Must be off as my bed and Richard Hammond is calling me. I am of course referring to his autobiography which has big words and pictures. I AM READING LIKE A GROWN UP. Next up: The Magic Faraway Tree. Which was totally awesome, by the way.
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1. I've just had to put the heating on. It's freezing. This time of year officially sucks.

2. Heroes was on BBC2 last night, hooray )

3. BUZZCOCKS BUZZCOCKS BUZZCOCKS in less than half an hour. \o/. Alas, no Bill Bailey but I am making up for it by rewatching Black Books. 'Is it some sort of special popcorn?' WILL NEVER NOT BE FUNNY, MY FRIENDS.

4. For those who commented on my post last weekend about wanting more Tom/Martha porn, go prompt some.

5. I will be asleep shortly as work this week is killing me dead. I'm working all weekend and the weekend after that as well. At this moment in time, I'm not sure why I bother...


Apr. 7th, 2008 12:46 pm
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For some unknown reason our heating unit at work is blowing out cold air. It's feckin' freezing in my office. Well, not quite, but 10 degrees isn't exactly warm, either.

Also, GIP. *squishes Ten*
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1. Join [ profile] nomoreotp. YOU ARE ALL EVAL.
2. Reply to emails at work and end them with, 'Kind Regards, Teaspoon Admin.' My co-workers were really rather bemused by that one today.
3. Continue to convince myself that crazy Doctor Who S4 theory )
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2. Had to stop myself from making a snarky comment in someone's LJ for not putting pr0ns behind a cut. Srsly, HOW FUCKING DIFFICULT IS IT?

3. Fell in love with Ianto Jones. Man, I need icons.

That is all.


Nov. 6th, 2007 07:33 pm
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Yesterday’s report was sort of typed super speed as I wanted to check out everyone else’s reactions. Last night, as I was trying to sleep (which I couldn’t cos I was still too hyped) I remembered some other bits and pieces that I thought I would make you jealous of share.

1. You could see that David was pretty much humming along to the theme tune.
2. One guy walked up on stage with Star Trek T-shirt on, to which David asked “What are you wearing that for?” Well he sort of shrieked it actually. Freema, however, squeed all over him. Oh, I luffs hur.
3. They played the S3 soundtrack throughout the signing, which was brilliant. If you haven’t got it, or are not planning to get, I would really reconsider.
4. There was also a mini!martha. Like, really mini. She was the very last person in the queue, which I imagine, would have been a really nice way to end it.

I think that’s about it.

Back to work today, and one of my colleagues asked if I enjoyed meeting Mr. Bennett. WHO? Luckily the rest of my office took the piss out of him for the rest of the day. I’ve still got my wristband on, and I don’t plan on taking it off for the foreseeable future.

I’d just like to add that it was really nice to read that a lot of you were thinking about us yesterday and hoping we would get in. Cheers guys.

Watching the DVD's now. FUCKING BRILLIANT.
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Here's some telly that I watched:-
1. Have just dl'd Sarah Jane pts 1 and 2 of Warriors of Kuldak. Hopefully will get round to watching tomorrow. Too late now. Needs sleeps.
2. Have given up on Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Saw Billie's breasts last week. No need to watch now.
3. Robin Hood was as cheesy and hammy as ever. I loved it.
4. Spooks. OMG. Adam Carter is just a slag. Seriously, does he have to sleep with everyone? Also, loving the fact the same story continues all series.

Here's a really fucked up conversation I had on the phone at work today:-
Mr. Racism UK: Is Lupita English?
Me: Errr, don't know I haven't met her.
Mr. Racism UK: Oh, it's just that Lupita doesn't sound like an English name?

* Of course, I didn't actually say that cos I quite like my job. Still. The guys an asshole.

Friday Fun

Oct. 5th, 2007 07:27 am
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1. I get to wear jeans to work today which means I won't feel like I'm at work and will get nothing done. Especially as my boss won't be in the office. This is a bad thing as I have been putting things off all week and I really need to get things done today.
2. I sucked at poker last night. I'm still top of the league, but the others are catching up with me. MUST TRY HARDER.
3. Damn postal strike means I won't get my 'Ark in Space' DVD from Amazon til next week. Not good. So I will hunts the internets for something else to watch methinks.
4. I'm lolling at my mood icon, cos dude, Ten's all like 'ZOMG MASTER, I WANTS UR TIEMCOCK NAO.'
5. I've always told myself that I would hold back on the Who merchandise cos I would have no monies and no room for other stuff, like food or clothes. But I think I need to buy my otp dolls. They can sit on my book shelf and do sex and stuff. I think I also need to buy a Martah as well who can stand and shake her head in disbelief of their crazy fucked up love.

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1. Going back to work after a break is officially made of fail. I just had nothing to give today. And I was so tired, despite having two good nights sleep before I went. Ah well, only two days left before I go away again and I have this lovely feeling to look forward to next week.
2. I have no money. In fact I have less than that. So expect me to about on the interwebz even more than I am. I am relying on you faithful flist to keep me entertained.
3. Speaking of which, I am currently working on my plot bunny that I mentioned last week. I am hoping to have it ready to be beta’d by the Friday, so [ profile] ladymako71, you can expect an email from me soon hun! Consider it an early birthday present ; ). Just to give you all a heads up its Martha/Master and it is a lot darker than I have done before. And it’s pure pr0n. I did have a Ten/Donna bunny as well but I lost it over the weekend serves me right for drinking too much and staying up all night.
3. MY S3 MACROS, I WILL FINISH THEM. I know, I suck. But plot bunnies and rl have got in the way. It will be next week now.
4. I see that the Doctor/Rose manifesto is finished. Shall I read it, or will it make my brain melt? Part of me wants to read it but I know it will make me write a stupid cracktastic version AND THAT WOULD CAUSE MORE WANK WHICH WILL BE A BAD THING. Y/N?
5. Certain posts (which have since been deleted thank god) make Marthafen seem as crazy as the Rosefen. Can we stop picking holes, plz. I wasn't even bothered by the S3 Boxset cover - cos let's face it Master > pretty much everyone.
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You may or may not be aware that I am away with work all weekend SO I AM GOING TO MISS THE LAST OF THE TIMELORDS *flails some*.

So I'll watch the episode on Sunday night when I get back - that really could be the most excruitiating 24 hours of my life. I hope to be back for LoM chat but I'm not coming on for that without watching the episode (obvs). 

I've got Monday and Tuesday off to catch up on fandom relax, so I'm sure we can chat about it then.

So enjoy everyone! I hope the finale brings you all what you want, ties up all lose ends and answers some important questions. 



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