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Firstly, GIP because even though I don't ship Jack/Gwen, these three are so shippy together it actually hurts.

I was weak at the weekend (lol) and bought the Torchwood S2 boxset what came out today I believe and OMG I'm so excited because LOOK AT MA FREEMA. I want her in TW so much next year. *crosses fingers really tight*
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Apparently there's only going to be 5 episodes of Torchwood next year. WHAT? So, 3 Who specials and 5 eps of Torchwood. NO FAIR, CARDIFF. NO FAIR.

Although, Julie Gardner says that fans will be pleased with the casting. WE CAN HAS FREEMA, PLS?
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Title: Showing Some Initiative
Author: Madge
Characters: Gwen/Rhys, Jack, Ianto
Rating: PG
Summary: Why it's important for a man to know his pigs.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] kiarasayre as part of the Gwen Ficathon at [ profile] house_of_cooper. They requested: Rhys gets called in on another mission; awesomeness ensues. Set after series 2.

Read More )
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LIVE BLOGGING. 'COS I CAN. ) I enjoyed it so much, I've ordered the series boxset for £14.99 on BARGAIN.
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I liked the concept of the episode, but and this is a BIG but )
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A couple of things )

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Easily the funniest thing I have seen on telly all year.

Thank you, Cardiff. Thank you.
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So, I've been wanting to say this for weeks only [ profile] parrotfish said it better beat me to it. I've tried to like Tosh, I really have. I'm just a bit 'meh' about her really. Oh, well.

Someone else who beat me to it is [ profile] drakyndra. I know I'm not alone in noticing the Martha = Doctor anvils hints we've been getting and I noticed this particular one whilst watching A Day In The Death. Good to know there are others on the same wavelength and that I'm not completely mental.

ETA: Excuse the poor spelling in this post. I really should know better than to post at Stupid 'o Clock in the morning.
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Since I haven't done this yet, Torchwood 2x7: Dead Man Walking )

Oh, wait. There's more.

2x8: A Day In Death )
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I could always, you know, unpack and stuff. Instead, however, I find that watching telly is much more fun.


Ashes to Ashes )

I know I said I was planning to do my Cape Town post today but I wanted to do it with pictures and they are all currently on my mate's laptop. Will have to wait until tomorrow instead. Soz.
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To The Last Man )

I'm thinking I need an icon of Tosh that isn't so cracky.
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Very long day in meeting after meeting, but these pics have TOTALLY MADE ME GAY CHEERED ME UP. WOOP.

My day was so tiresome, I forgot all about Torchwood tonight. This means I have even more stuff to cheer me up.


ETA: Omg! Jeremy Beadle has died.

*plays Beadle's About ringtone in rememberance*
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Meh. But . . . ) That's about it really.
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Spoilers, yo. )

Err, so I have no idea what the bloody hell was going on plot wise and I couldn't give a shit.

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1. I think the whole of fandom has commented on those pictures of DT and Simm. All I will add is this. Seeing as I am not into RPF I wants Ten/Simm!Master crack!fic where they go to The Ivy, get drunk and the Master sneers at celebrities and they get thrown out, kthnx. In fact I may even try and write it once I have time

2. Looks like we’re going to have an 11th Doctor soon as well. Seeing as it was fairly obvious Tennant was going to leave after S4, I am not at present effected by this. We’ll see how I am coping after I have watched him regenerate. However, there are people on the OG saying they would gladly have a break in the show for a year or so so that he could come back. Errrr, no thanks. He can’t stay forever people and I have faith that the Rusty and co will pick the right guy for the job – they haven’t let us down yet. I just hope the press don’t flame him for not being Tennant. Y HALO THAR THE SUN.

3. I have scrapped my plot bunny for the Martha ficathon thingymajig. It was turning into something so depressing I could hardly bare to look at it any more without wanting to tear my eyes out, and anyway I suck at that sort of fic. Luckily, I has new, exciting plot bunny. I’ll give you a clue – Martha meets a cheerleader. My plan is to write it this weekend and post it as soon as posting opens because in my head, this plot is soooooooooo obvious, and I’m scared someone else might have the same idea as me.

4. Is it Torchwoods tiem nao? These brilliant drabbles by [ profile] seti_drd has got me so excited by the prospect of Mysterious Martha. Although I did have the realisation the other day that I will be out of the country for two weeks in February without net access so there is a good chance I will miss her. FAIL.
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So, Jack runs Torchwoods 3. Martha is about to take over join him. Rose works for Torchwoods in Pete’s World, and I am presuming Mickey does too.

So on that basis, Donna will work for them too? How funny will that be?

Please discuss on a purely cracktastic level.
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Erm, I think I'm happy about the Martha news. On the plus side we get more more Martha, but there was still no pay-off for all the crap she went through. I'm not sure that I can wait a year to see that pay off and think about it.

Spec for Martha in S4 )

Spec for Martha in Torchwood )

Oh yeh, The Last Of The Timelords with spoilers )

Oh and I'll hopefully do finish ma macros at some point this week, I still need to digest the finale.


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