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Doing my usual thing and watching The West Wing before I go to bed. I couldn't go without letting you guys know how much I love Toby. Does anyone care about West Wing spoilers? )
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There are no words for this scene. Just none. I've watched 5 times now: once yesterday and I've just had it on now. OH, SHOW, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU.
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Have been keeping myself out of trouble by consuming various media goodies. Namely, The West Wing. I've finished series two now and because I promised myself to watch something ELSE after I'd finished it I must be strong and hold off watching it until... erm, tomorrow. Hey, I'm not that strong. I'd've failed harder if it wasn't so flaming obvious what was going to happen next. Instead of cracking on with series 3 I might just rewatch that scene in the cathedral from 2x22. I could watch that on a loop for the rest of the month and not get bored and cry every time.

I also watched The Golden Compass this afternoon. It was all a bit meh for me, and it didn't really make the books appeal to me either. Still, I would quite like my own daemon.

Speaking of which (sort of), Demons was onna telly just now (yes I typed this as I watched) and I said no spoilers, didn't I? Oh well )

On the book front, I'm currently reading The Yes Man by Danny Wallace which is frightening and funny. As someone who has just lied in order to get out of going somewhere this evening, I'm sure you can see why they thought of saying Yes to everything might scare me so much.

Now, I'm going to watch that something else I said I would after I finished series two of The West Wing: Jonathan Creek rewatch time, bb. Oh yeah!

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I finished series one of The West Wing this morning. For those of you that have seen the end of series one will know that this means I had to watch the first two episodes of series two. You will also probably understand that I have spent the best part of three hours crying. This show, it has stolen my heart ♥. Spoilers for the three other people in the world that haven't watched this show. )

ETA: the fanficcers love meme, continued
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Spending the day in bed and watching The West Wing, that's what.

Who says I don't use my spare time productively?
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Hours away from finding out who the new President will be, and I am about to sit down and watch The West Wing for the very first time. Yes, I'm probably one of about three people on the planet who has never seen it. I'm told it's not really like Yes, Minister but in American and I have to say this does put me off a teeny tiny bit, BUT I AM SORT OF EXCITED ABOUT IT TOO.

I do have to finish watching Heroes 3x4 first, before it goes off the iplayer. All I have to say about that is: LOL DOOMSDAY.


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