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Personally, I think it was inevitable.

Don't get me wrong, I'm gutted. But maybe it's time. Still, I'll cling to the specials.
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Author: Madge
Title: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Rating: PG - Warning: contains the word snot. Not nice.
Characters: Other!Ten, Rose, Alt!Martha
Spoilers: Blink and you'll miss them for Doomsday, quite blatant ones for Smith and Jones and huge ones for Journey's End.
Summary: What the Doctor needs right now is, well, a doctor.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] palmetto for the ficathon at [ profile] bluesuit_fic. They wanted: He's never had the common cold before. Bonus points for pathetic!Sparky whining at Dr. Martha Jones in the ER.
Thanks to [ profile] ladymako71 for reminding me that Other!Ten needed moar Donna. Also, those not from the UK will need to be aware that Michael Fish was a famous weatherman over here. Yeah, don't ask.

'I've never once had a pleasurable time in a hospital.' )
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Title: The Man in the Grey Pinstriped Suit
Author: Madge
Characters: Martha/Tom, Ten with brief glimpses of Jack and Wilf
Rating: PG
Summary: Martha may have been unsure of the suit at first, but she grew to love it.
Author's Note: Contains spoilers for the end of series 4. This started out as a Ten/Martha friendship fic (which it sort of is) but how could I ignore Tom? And yes, there is a wedding. Thanks to [ profile] ligia_elena for the beta.

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Dec. 2nd, 2007 04:27 pm
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1. Teh OG is back up and running for which I am glad as I have suddenly become extremely spoiler hungry.
2. My icon is squeeful, yes?
3. LOLS - I had a dream last night about Voyage of the Damned and Ten was dressed like he was going to be on Strictly Come Dancing but being really emo about all the companions he has lost in the past. IT WAS VERY FUNNY.
4. My fic for the ficafest on [ profile] lifeonmartha is coming on quite slowly. I have spent most of the day staring at my PC and re-writing the first 800 words. I'm still not happy, but the first part was always going to be tricky to write. Bah! I needs an energetic burst of something.
5. PROMPT BATTLE FOR GREAT JUSTICE at [ profile] cute_boots, please go an prompt.
6. The weather is really atrocious at the moment and I'm seeing lots of pics of snow on my flist. Well, over in Blighty there's gale force winds and torrential rain. Hence the reason why I am yet to venture outside. In fact, inside will just have to do for today.
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Title: Leather Gloves and Paradoxies
Rating: PG-13. Spanking tiem. Woo hoo.
Characters/Pairings: Master/Donna, Ten/Donna
Spoilers: End of S3.
Disclaimer: You know the drill, not mine.
Summary: Donna meets Saxon. Crack ensues.
AN: You'll need to be aware that Richard & Judy is a very famous day time chat show in the UK and that Question Time is a high-brow political debate show.

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Author: Me
Title: Look Me In The Eye
Characters: Ten, Martha
Rating: PG
Summary: Set sometime in S4 - Martha felt like she was living a lie.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
AN: Yeah, it's a bit shit. Soz. I'm not entirely happy with this but I need to post it before it takes over my life.

Something in her brain was yelling at her to look up - to look at him. )


Sep. 5th, 2007 11:30 pm
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*is dead of hawtness*


*dies again*
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Arggh, I’m so annoyed with myself. It’s my own fault really, I watched the shippiest of shippy episodes the other day – Smith & Jones, Shakespeare, Gridlock, Lazarus and 42. Followed shortly by the shippiest of shippy fics - The Third of December by [ profile] flaignhan (I know it’s been rec’d all over the shop but you must read it people). Then, today I stumble upon these icons by [ profile] sarah531, which are amazing BTW. But look at the Martha one’s!!!! How shippy can you get?

I thought this ship had hit an iceberg – I was wrong.

So my question, faithful flist, shall I continue to embrace this ship or shall I hunt down some good Ten/Donna or Ten/Master so I can get over it?
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I know I'm not the only one who is hating on Ten at the moment, so I had a great idea to try and start luvvin him again.

So I thought I would remind myself (and you flist) just how hawt he is! Well, its a start isn't it!

And OK, these aren't technically of Ten as such. But just look at the man . . .  G'uh.

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Title: This Is What I Want
Author: Me
Characters: Ten/Martha
Rating: General/Very fluffy!
Summary: Contains spoilers for Human Nature and most likely for Family of Blood as well as blink and you'll miss them for Lazurus.
Authors Note: I have several other plot bunnies for some smut but I just had had had to write this. 


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Well I've bitten the bullet and posted some questionable fiction as I was in a rush and forgot the deadline was so close.

It's Here and Here


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