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I donated a total of £8 to Comic Relief this year. Not a great deal, but it was all I could afford. The idea is that the best of British entertain you for a few hours and then you give me money to help those worse off than you, both in the UK and in Africa. Here are some of the things that tickled me this year. Vids and stuff under the cut. Warning: Does contain gratuitous Tennant arse wiggling. )
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1. Am reading Eclipse. I can't possibly bring myself to read all of them in one go, so I have to seperate them with, you know, something not made of fail. Anyway, I have decided what it is I hate most about the character of Bella: she calls her parents by their first names. I just can't get past that. I was going to make a fandom secret about that but I don't care about the fandom enough to bother. So there.

2. Speaking of secrets, I submitted one to [ profile] who_secrets which should hopefully be posted today. I shall give a pony to those who guess what one mine is. It really ain't that hard.

3. I caved and watched Demons. I didn't know that Ross Jenkins was in it. Now I have to watch the crack every week. There is no possible way I can take Philip Glenister seriously with that accent of his. LOL. Alex Drake's little girl was in it this week as well. Plus someone called Madge which was very funny. Only for me of course. Still. WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING THIS SHOW, GUYS?

4. I have an Inksome account now. If you have one and I haven't added you yet, give us a heads up.

5. I'm sure I had more to say. Hmm, maybe not. I go watch part two of The Moonbase now, yes.
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The almost farce that was Strictly last night is all over today's papers, and surprisingly The X Factor result is buried somewhere in the middle pages. BBC 1 - 0 ITV. The fact that the result was on last night means there is no Strictly to watch tonight and that the BBC will instead be showing Lewis Hamilton collect the Sports Personality of the Year award when it should in fact be going to an Olympian. Maybe there is some injustice in Telly land after all...

Speaking of Telly land, I still have the last episode of Little Dorrit to watch and Never Mind the Buzzcocks for that matter. Not a bad to-do list for today, I'm sure you'll agree. At some point I might even think about what I plan to write for [ profile] fandom_stocking and for whom. My stocking is here if you feel like giving me a little something.


Dec. 4th, 2008 12:42 pm
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Things what are not helping my sickness:

1. Sunderland being rubbish and managerless. Thanks a lot, Keano. Just when the going gets tough. WHATEVER.

2. The Devil's Whore. I failed to watch last night as I was in bed being pathetic and sick and stuff but I just watched it now. JOHN SIMM YOU HAVE BROKEN MY HEART. *goes off to look for Sexby icons*

ETA: I'm going to watch Oliver in order to cheer me up and in preparation for when I go and see it in two weeks.
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  • 20:57 Screw Heroes. The Lakes is far more awesome. #
  • 21:50 Have finished watching The Celestial Toymaker. This show is made of crack. Dodo is till annoying though. :( #
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  • 10:37 I have achieved fic. Yay me. #
  • 11:46 Am lying in bed watching Stardust. How perfect. #
  • 15:07 Have managed to do some tidying. I'm rather impressed with myself. #
  • 20:37 Should probably not have yelled like that. Why the fuck am I so grumpy? #
  • 22:05 It's always very funny to see people you know on the telly. #
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1. I've just had to put the heating on. It's freezing. This time of year officially sucks.

2. Heroes was on BBC2 last night, hooray )

3. BUZZCOCKS BUZZCOCKS BUZZCOCKS in less than half an hour. \o/. Alas, no Bill Bailey but I am making up for it by rewatching Black Books. 'Is it some sort of special popcorn?' WILL NEVER NOT BE FUNNY, MY FRIENDS.

4. For those who commented on my post last weekend about wanting more Tom/Martha porn, go prompt some.

5. I will be asleep shortly as work this week is killing me dead. I'm working all weekend and the weekend after that as well. At this moment in time, I'm not sure why I bother...
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HOTTEST DARCY EVAR!!!111!!!11!!!11
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So, in a bid to keep me in the house this week and out of the pub, here is a list of things I wish to watch accomplish:

1. Watch Lost in Austen as the Mothership and my flist are telling me it is brilliant. I preferably want to do this before Wednesday when the last episode airs.

2. Finish watching Galaxy 4. I fear this may well be the most difficult as this is the second time I have attempted to watch this serial. Doesn't bode well for the umpteen recons that I have coming up on my Old School watchlist.

3. Work on my [ profile] dw_femslash fic. It's going well so far, actually. I've just left it alone for a bit and it needs some attention.

4. Write a little something for [ profile] doctorwho_100.

5. Finish reading The Eight Doctors. Yes, I totally failed at finishing this week. I'm afraid sleep happened on the train home today and not reading.

6. Begin reading New Moon. PROBLEM?

Erm, that's it I think.

On another telly related note, just how bad was Merlin last night? I saw the first 15 minutes or so but then had to leave. I mean, it had UNEXPECTED WHO CAST MEMBERS (and thanks to the anon meme, I realised that Merlin is actually Jethro from Midnight), but it really didn't save it. Maybe I shall watch it for the lols.
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Have finished the Spooks rewatch. Well, technically the last four or five episodes of series six were watched for the first time because I sort of lost interest last year. WHY DID I DO THAT? OMG IT WAS SO BRILLIANT. Spoilers for series 6 and seven )

Wiki tells me that the new series should be starting at the end of the month. YAYERS. I am so pleased to be having Spooks squee back.

Next on the watchlist is yet to be decided. My Green Wing DVDs are calling my name though.
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Seriously, Mock the Week is quite possibly the most brilliant quiz show in the history of ever and you should all be watching. I have spent the afternoon watching all the really bad bits that the BBC wouldn't broadcast. If you watch the show, you can imagine just how bad these bits had to be. Of course, when I say bad, I mean absolutely brilliant... but even more offensive than usual.

Since I became somewhat obsessed with the show I have fallen slightly in love with Frankie Boyle and it's not just because I have a thing for Scottish boys in glasses and pinstriped suits. If you're unaware of the awesomeness that is Frankie Boyle you can see that here (yeah, you probably shouldn't click that if you're easily offended). Guys, he's so cool, there's even fandomsecrets about him.

Anyway, in honour of my new found love for him (and to cheer myself up because tickets have sold out to go and see him in my local theatre)... Here be a picspam from some of the Mock the Week - Too Hot For TV DVD extras. Not the greatest of quality, but, yeah... I ♥ HIM SO MUCH.


Basically, I'd hit that.
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1. I appear to have given up on my Martha/Tom fic. :( The ending isn't working and I'm not sure how to fix it. I may have a poke with it this week before it gets buried. Could do with writing moar crack, just to cheer myself up if anything.
2. I'm rewatching Spooks. I didn't watch all of series 6 so I thought I'd hunt those eps down but decided to rewatch from the very beginning instead. Now, I don't entirely approve of Keeley's hair in the first series but her awesomeness still shines through. ♥
3. I see that the anon meme made [ profile] fandomsecrets last night. Have to say, I do agree with the OP. It's only hatelful around 5% of the time but you can just ignore those threads anyway. Besides, the Pissmidget agenda cannot be bad, right?
4. [ profile] bluesuit_fic seems to be rather popular which makes me happy. I think the reason I'm not being very productive on my other fic is because I've been too busy contemplating every single prompt. Most importantly, I haven't received any hate because there's no Ten/Rose allowed. Well, I haven't seen any, anyway.
5. I realise that I've been bloody awful at commenting recently. I'm not even sure why that is because I've been reading your posts but, I dunno, I just haven't had much to say. Sorry I do love you guys. :)
6. My BFF is having a get together next Sunday and, well, I'm dead meat if I'm not there which means I've given my Proms concert ticket to my neice so she can go with a friend of hers. In a way it's good because I need to see the ma pals and it's nice to do something for the neice. Of course that means I will no longer see Freema and listen to the awesomeness that is This is Gallifrey live, but I'm sure it will appear on the intarwebz soon enough. I am going to the exhibition in a few weeks though. Having my picture taken outside the TARDIS will make my life complete, I think. \o/
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Frankie Boyle looked hot tonight.
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Pamela Anderson straddling Alan Carr is quite possible the hottest thing I have seen onna telly all year.

ETA: Or it could be Justin Lee Collins kissing Paul Daniels.

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1. HIGNFY. Hmm, Frankie Boyle is rather sweaty, isn't he? I still sort of fancy him. Ssh, I crossed it out so it doesn't count.
2. Heroes 2x2 and 2x3. I'm trying to catch up as for some reason I've not been about much on Thursdays. And no, that doesn't mean I've been in the pub. Well, all right, this week I was in the pub, but the other times... Anyway, it's all rather slow, but I shall continue to watch, obvs.
3. Ashes to Ashes eps 1-5. APSSDG\FBGLSJBSEDRFTOKH. I WANT TO WRITE ALEX FIC NOW. IN FACT I MIGHT JUST. Going to watch ep 6 shortly. I couldn't bring myself to watch it before Who was on as I would knew I would not be able to concentrate for all the flailing at THAT SCENE. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, VIENNA.
4. Derren Brown's Trick or Treat. Yes, the one with David Tennant. erm, spoilers? )
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Donna Noble Ficafest FOR GREAT JUSTICES. Go prompt, people. WE NEEDS MOAR DONNA.

Also, I forgot to watch that 'Pushing Daisies' thing that a lot of you have been raving about. It aired on UK telly tonight, but I was busy watching Buzzcocks repeats on Dave. (Best name for a TV channel ever, yes?) I'm not sure I can watch it, though, 'cos for me, Anna Friel will always be Beth Jordache: the lesbian who killed her abusive father and buried him under the patio. Some roles just stick, you know.
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Stolen from [ profile] ionlylurkhere:

1. Bold the shows you've seen every single episode of.
2. Underline the shows you've seen almost every episode of. (i.e. ones you make a point of seeking out/consider yourself a fan of)
3. Italicise the shows you've seen at least one episode of.

Seriously, where the shit is Black Books? Or... or something else that I really love that isn't in here. )

Also, have gone off Channel 4 quite a lot. Apparently, Freema participated in the "Ask Me Anything" segment on The Friday Night Project. She asked David to explain the offside rule, and there was lots of lols but it got cut for time. *grumps*
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I could always, you know, unpack and stuff. Instead, however, I find that watching telly is much more fun.


Ashes to Ashes )

I know I said I was planning to do my Cape Town post today but I wanted to do it with pictures and they are all currently on my mate's laptop. Will have to wait until tomorrow instead. Soz.
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Snagged from [ profile] rosengirl.

A challenge to watch 500 episodes of TV-shows in one year. The only rule is that if you watch a certain episode more than once in a year you can only list it again if you haven't already listed it for that month.

This really won't take me a year so I'm starting as of today and I'm not counting stuff like, an episode of Corrie that I happened to catch or when The Simpsons is on in the background (like now, ha ha).

Mighty Boosh FTW )

ETA: I've now changed this challenge to include books and films as the number of films I watched and books I read last year was pretty poor.

Books: Read 30 books in 2008. To some, that may not sound like a lot but with my schedule, it will be.

Films: Watch 100 films in 2008. Like the telly challenge, rewatching counts as long as it isn't in the same month.

Books )

Films )


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