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So I caved a did another picspam for this month's [ profile] picspammy challenge. Quite possibly my favourite scene in anything ever, btw. Of course, the music has a lot to do with it. You can listen to that here.


This is so not dial-up friendly, be warned. )
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After a bit of a busy week, I finally managed to watch the first part of The Devil's Whore this morning. Nothing spoiler-y to say, just that it looked gorgeous. I am so easy for anything that looks pretty. Looking forward to the next bits. Have a feeling it won't get less bloody, though. I am so feeble. :(

And tonight, Einstein and Eddington was on, and I managed to watch it on my telly and not on my PC which is a bit of an achievement for me. Anyway, HOLY CRAP THAT WAS GOOD. LIKE REALLY, REALLY GOOD. My knowledge of these two sort of goes as far as Einstein discovered the theory of relativity... yeah, that's about it. Still, I was full of glee at the end spoilers. Well, for those that know sod all about history and/or science, like me. )

Tomorrow I shall catch up with Little Dorrit and Heroes. Plus we has Freema in something new, too. I AM IN SERIES 3 HEAVEN RIGHT NOW, YOU GUYS.
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After watching LotTL, I have come to the following conclusion:


That is all.


Sep. 28th, 2008 03:08 pm
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So I think I've come through the other side of my hangover now. I'm at the phase where I want to eat everything in sight.

I've spent the morning watching New Who. I watched Rose first of all as I was planning on starting at the beginning but the lack of any really good special features on that boxset annoyed me, so it was on to series 3 and David Tennant's video diaries. I have only watched these once I think and the fact that John Barrowman has a dog called Tegan completely passed me by and the fact that it's blatantly named after, well, Tegan.

JB: (Pointing to his dog in his trailer.) This is Tegan.
DT: Jovanka?
JB: You know who Tegan is?
DT: Yeah.


Have just watched Utopia because it is an episode that needs rewatching A LOT, and because the DVD is in I can't not possibly watch the final two episodes. I do fear occasionally that the brilliance of series 3 has ruined me for any other television show EVER. Ah well.
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So I've told a few of you that I've been working on a mood theme for Series 4. Well, I decided that I wanted my own for Series 3 as well, and seeing as I'm quite pleased with it, I thought I'd offer it up for grabs. :)

Doctor Who Series 3 Animated Mood Theme

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Apathetic / Contemplative / Determined

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Flirty / Happy / Working

Full Preview/Instructions/Download

Please let me know if you're taking or if you have any problems. Credit would be nice as well. :)
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I finished my S3 re-watch that I only started yesterday. read more )

Part of the reason I rewatched was to help me along with the TV challenge thingy. I really want to carry on with my Four watching but it occured to me that I've listened to, like, two of the commentaries on this boxset. Yes, I am yet to listen to the Tennant and Gatiss commentary on The Lazarus Experiment; I'm officially the worst fangirl EVAR.

Also, some Doctor/Romana fic fell out of my brain and onto my PC. I'm not sure how, except for the fact that they are completely Meant To Be. I would like to finish it, mainly because it's not crack!fic and I'm trying to remind myself what writing non-crack!fic is like.

Now there is NOTHING on telly and I may be forced to do something else, like, I don't know, read a book. Eeep!
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I know a few of you on my flist may struggle to re-watch Last of the Timelords when you get your s3 boxset.

Well, my advice to you is this. Simply re-watch it with the commentary on and it will totally unharsh your squee.

ETA: Sorry folks with the Region 1 boxsets. Apparently, this does not apply :(
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I just posted this about the commentaries for the S3 Boxset. As much as the prospect of David, Freema and Barrowman doing the same commentary is pleasing me muchly in my pants - I WANTED TENNANT/SIMM COMMENTARY DAMMIT!

The BBC will have to make up for it by making the commentary in-vision so we can see all three of them just generally fangasming. I NEED THIS BOXSET YESTERDAY.
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So I've just re-watched The Sound of Drums on BBC3. I fucking love that episode and I don't care who knows it.
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Soz about the wait. Here we go then.

Not dial up friendly at all - 24 pictures.

Whole series can be found here.
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So yes it's been a long time coming, but here it is. And I got really carried away so sorry for the spam.

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Been a while coming, I know but here be macros for Utopia

I'm only sorry cos there is a serious lack of Martha in this.
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Erm, I think I'm happy about the Martha news. On the plus side we get more more Martha, but there was still no pay-off for all the crap she went through. I'm not sure that I can wait a year to see that pay off and think about it.

Spec for Martha in S4 )

Spec for Martha in Torchwood )

Oh yeh, The Last Of The Timelords with spoilers )

Oh and I'll hopefully do finish ma macros at some point this week, I still need to digest the finale.


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