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1. I keep thinking I'm going to run into a Troughton serial that I don't like, but it is yet to happen. Okay, so The Faceless Ones sort of... happened, but I didn't hate it and would probably watch again one day. The Evil of the Daleks is really good so far, and I'm only two eps in, so there's not even much Victoria yet. Am very much in love with how gay Two'n'Jamie are.

2. I signed up to [ profile] tardis_bigbang as soon as I saw the sign up post. Prepare for lots of faily posts about me, well, failing at it. There will be Ten and Donna and NO EMO WHATSOEVER. I can't wait to forget about what happened in JE to Donna and just write them being them. Will obviously have Martha in too because I'm that predictable.

3. It is snowing. I don't like snow. I don't care how miserable that makes me sound because people who usually tell me now to be so bloody miserable don't have to walk to work. That will be no fun. Woes.

4. Being Human is on shortly. I can't believe how long it took me to work out where I'd seen the new Annie from (Gridlock). At least it distracted me from thinking about how she isn't Andrea Riseborough. I'm slowly getting over that fact.
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Hours away from finding out who the new President will be, and I am about to sit down and watch The West Wing for the very first time. Yes, I'm probably one of about three people on the planet who has never seen it. I'm told it's not really like Yes, Minister but in American and I have to say this does put me off a teeny tiny bit, BUT I AM SORT OF EXCITED ABOUT IT TOO.

I do have to finish watching Heroes 3x4 first, before it goes off the iplayer. All I have to say about that is: LOL DOOMSDAY.
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  • 13:56 Today is turning into another lazy Saturday. #
  • 14:10 Heh. 'All You People Are Vampires' just came on the old itunes whilst I'm reading 'Vampire Science'. #
  • 15:38 Paul Newman's died. #
  • 17:33 How is it possible to confuse Gary Newman and Paul Newman. FAIL. #
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Well it's Wednesday morning. I'm waiting for the radio to play a certain REM song.

You know it will happen eventually.

Drunk Post

Nov. 15th, 2007 11:34 pm
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Yeah, I'm pissed. And on a school night. Well, shit happens.

Something rather awful happened to me this evening. I can't even bring myself to say it. So, you'll never know. But trust me it was shaming.

I played poker though. Came third out of 5.

Sometimes I hate being drunk cos I flirt with people that I know I shouldn't and it leads to teh awkwardness.

But dude, it's been a while and I needs some luvin :(

*is horny*

So, yeah

Nov. 2nd, 2007 06:00 pm
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All the David n Freema icons r killing me dead. I've decided to delete the rubbishy ones I made and replaced them with ones from [ profile] rosengirl, for her icons are clearly made of teh win.

I'm doing surprisingly well at ignoring the usual suspects on the OG. The Martha love-in is so much more fun than bickering with people constantly. *breathes in* FEEL THE LOVE, MAN.

In light of this love in, I have decided to post my fic on teh Teaspoon. Been meaning to archive it for a while and cos I'm in the middle of some annual leave, I thought I would take the opportunity to do so.

Which brings me nicely to my holiday. I've had yesterday and today off work plus Monday cos I'm going to see DT and FA - hence the reason you've been spammed by me, lol. I do intend to be slightly productive in this extra long weekend. I need to crack on with my fic for the ficathon at [ profile] rose_lives, I'll probably have a tidy as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to a local fireworks show which should be fun. This time of year is difficult for me though, as ma doggie Homer really fucking hates fireworks. He's petrified. Doesn't help that this morning, he cut one of the pads on his foot open which has bled. A lot. Poor thing. I'm staying in tonight to give him lots of cuddles, yes.
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Plan of action for today:
Eat as much food as possible.
Watch lots of Spaced.
Try not to think about any embarassing stuff I may or may not have done.
Go back to bed.
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I has *counts* 47 pence in the world. Guess I'll be stopping in for the rest of the month then.

Oh, apart from poker on Thursday. Then I've got to go to lunch on Saturday as part of some sort of Hen Weekend extravaganza. Then England play Russia at football so I'll be in the pub for that one. Oh and that evening England are so gonna beat play France in the semi-final of teh Rugby. So I might as well stay in the pub til then.

I'm away with work for the majority of next week so I'll have to shell out for that and wait for my expenses to come through.

I owes people monies for stuff too.

Then lots of leaving parties for people who are being fucking selfish and leaving the country. Bastards. 

Plus Halloween/someone's birthday.


I might try and eat at some point this month as well. But it ain't looking hopeful.

Friday Fun

Oct. 5th, 2007 07:27 am
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1. I get to wear jeans to work today which means I won't feel like I'm at work and will get nothing done. Especially as my boss won't be in the office. This is a bad thing as I have been putting things off all week and I really need to get things done today.
2. I sucked at poker last night. I'm still top of the league, but the others are catching up with me. MUST TRY HARDER.
3. Damn postal strike means I won't get my 'Ark in Space' DVD from Amazon til next week. Not good. So I will hunts the internets for something else to watch methinks.
4. I'm lolling at my mood icon, cos dude, Ten's all like 'ZOMG MASTER, I WANTS UR TIEMCOCK NAO.'
5. I've always told myself that I would hold back on the Who merchandise cos I would have no monies and no room for other stuff, like food or clothes. But I think I need to buy my otp dolls. They can sit on my book shelf and do sex and stuff. I think I also need to buy a Martah as well who can stand and shake her head in disbelief of their crazy fucked up love.



Sep. 22nd, 2007 04:37 pm
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K. So I need ideas from you faithful flist. I've been invited to a fancy dress party and the theme is that you have to as something beginning with the first letter of your name. For me, that letter is S.

So far I have come up with Supergirl.

Any ideas?

Oh and it can't be Who related. I've been told that if I come as Sarah Jane or anyone else then I won't be aloud in. Yes I know, I need new friends.
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This is the conversation I just had on the phone . . .

Me:O hai thar phone insurance ppls.
Complete Bastard Phone Insurance ppls (CBPIP): O hai thar, you has phone insurance wiv us?
Me: Yah. Ma phones, it broked.
CBPIP: K. U pay us fifty English pounds, send us ur phones and in 2 weeks u has new one. Maybe.
Me: WTF???!?!?!?!!1!!!!!1111
CBPIP: Yah, thats how it works. You pays us monies each month, then when you need to use our service you pays us moar. Then we might fix ur phone and u will be without any phone for 2 weeks.
Me: U be totally sh1t.
CBPIP: Yah. But we has ur monies.
Me: Oh noes you don't. You can stick ur policy up ur arse.

So in conclusion, my phone still broked and I has no insurance. Although, nice lady at Orange say I has warranty with Sony Ericsson. YAYS!



Aug. 17th, 2007 01:44 pm
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It's only bloody Friday!!


It just feels like it has been a long time coming this week. I suppose it's cos I have just had two busy weekends and now I can relax.

I intend to spend my time at home and on my PC. Oh and I might try to start my fic for [ profile] telling_a_story, but I still need a plot bunny :(

Also can fandom go crazy again this weekend pls, so I can get involved. Kthnx


Aug. 13th, 2007 06:12 pm
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So, doing back flips and whatnot down a 20 foot tall inflatable slide really hurts. You get bruises and everything when you land. And everything aches.


P.S. It was really fun though :)
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1. Going back to work after a break is officially made of fail. I just had nothing to give today. And I was so tired, despite having two good nights sleep before I went. Ah well, only two days left before I go away again and I have this lovely feeling to look forward to next week.
2. I have no money. In fact I have less than that. So expect me to about on the interwebz even more than I am. I am relying on you faithful flist to keep me entertained.
3. Speaking of which, I am currently working on my plot bunny that I mentioned last week. I am hoping to have it ready to be beta’d by the Friday, so [ profile] ladymako71, you can expect an email from me soon hun! Consider it an early birthday present ; ). Just to give you all a heads up its Martha/Master and it is a lot darker than I have done before. And it’s pure pr0n. I did have a Ten/Donna bunny as well but I lost it over the weekend serves me right for drinking too much and staying up all night.
3. MY S3 MACROS, I WILL FINISH THEM. I know, I suck. But plot bunnies and rl have got in the way. It will be next week now.
4. I see that the Doctor/Rose manifesto is finished. Shall I read it, or will it make my brain melt? Part of me wants to read it but I know it will make me write a stupid cracktastic version AND THAT WOULD CAUSE MORE WANK WHICH WILL BE A BAD THING. Y/N?
5. Certain posts (which have since been deleted thank god) make Marthafen seem as crazy as the Rosefen. Can we stop picking holes, plz. I wasn't even bothered by the S3 Boxset cover - cos let's face it Master > pretty much everyone.


Jul. 14th, 2007 04:11 pm
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OK. I'm officially bored. Having no money officially sucks. I even got round to uploading my new mood theme.

I am relying on fandom to keep me indoors whilst I save money for a really expensive August.

*prays someone posts some fic/discussion*

Hey, how's about the drabble tag we were talking about last week in the [ profile] lifeonmartha chat?

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Well the end of another long weekend. And again I seem to have used my time in a rather wasting manor. I have a massive pile of washing that needs to be put away and job interviews to prepare for, yet I find myself engaged in this online world and I can't get out of it.

Today is write off actually, going to a barbeque in a bit. Part of me wants to stay though. Stay here and let my obsession get the best of me. Is this safe? No I didn't think so. I can't help myself, I can't tear myself away from this online world. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Anyone? No? Didn't think so. So it's back to pouring over beautiful icons and interesting fiction.

Anyone fancy going to a barbeque? No, thought not.


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