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Author: Madge
Title: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Rating: PG - Warning: contains the word snot. Not nice.
Characters: Other!Ten, Rose, Alt!Martha
Spoilers: Blink and you'll miss them for Doomsday, quite blatant ones for Smith and Jones and huge ones for Journey's End.
Summary: What the Doctor needs right now is, well, a doctor.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] palmetto for the ficathon at [ profile] bluesuit_fic. They wanted: He's never had the common cold before. Bonus points for pathetic!Sparky whining at Dr. Martha Jones in the ER.
Thanks to [ profile] ladymako71 for reminding me that Other!Ten needed moar Donna. Also, those not from the UK will need to be aware that Michael Fish was a famous weatherman over here. Yeah, don't ask.

'I've never once had a pleasurable time in a hospital.' )
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For no other reason than I haven't done a macro post in ages, I present:

What Martha Did Next )

Sorry about the major picspammage. Got a wee bit carried away.


Dec. 29th, 2007 10:28 am
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For those of you who haven't seen the Greatest Meme In The History Of Fandom then you should really check it out. [ profile] prettyquotable - you are a legend for starting that.

Also, the [ profile] lifeonmartha 1000 Drabbles of Awesome needs another 86 drabbles to finish. The plan is to have them done by the end of the year, so go forth and make drabbles. I added another two to the total yesterday. Hurrah.

All of mine can be seen here. {/shameless self-pimping}
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1. I love Kylie very much. Her new song is called 'Two Hearts'. Geddit? Ha. Brilliant.
2. [ profile] omphalos has completely managed to slay me again. "The universe, this universe, isn't real without him in it. He's the quantum god who creates reality simply by being there to witness it." I think I owe her my soul now or something. I didn't cry but I definitely had a wibble.
3. Over in the land of the OG, numberonenutjub is busy telling everyone how she is never wrong and her interpretations of canon ARE FACT. I seriously think she is crazy.
4. I'm sure I had more to say than this.
5. Oh yeah, I know. Someone else on teh OG has said that Freema was so damn good in Torchwoods, she be in ANOTHER EPISODE. HOORAYS. They are yet to confirm a source for this, but I'm doing my thing again where if I like the rumour I choose to believe it. So yay.
6. Poker night. No alcamohol for me. New tactic. Wish me luck.
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Author: Me
Title: Look Me In The Eye
Characters: Ten, Martha
Rating: PG
Summary: Set sometime in S4 - Martha felt like she was living a lie.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
AN: Yeah, it's a bit shit. Soz. I'm not entirely happy with this but I need to post it before it takes over my life.

Something in her brain was yelling at her to look up - to look at him. )
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I'm bored of all this shit, I'm having a Martha Jones Is Great Picspam.

This is done episode by episode and not just a general Martha love-in.
Martha Jones > Everyone )
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Title: Blind Faith
Author: Magicallaw/Madge
Characters: Martha Jones, Claire Bennet
Raing: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Doctor Who or Heroes.
Authors Note: Heroes cross over but you only need to have a basic knowledge of Clarie the cheerleaders ability. Written for [ profile] telling_a_story.

Read More )
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Apparently fans of Martha Jones have low standards.

I'm so pleased this has been pointed out to me, I wouldn't want to start pitching above my station or anything.
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1. I think the whole of fandom has commented on those pictures of DT and Simm. All I will add is this. Seeing as I am not into RPF I wants Ten/Simm!Master crack!fic where they go to The Ivy, get drunk and the Master sneers at celebrities and they get thrown out, kthnx. In fact I may even try and write it once I have time

2. Looks like we’re going to have an 11th Doctor soon as well. Seeing as it was fairly obvious Tennant was going to leave after S4, I am not at present effected by this. We’ll see how I am coping after I have watched him regenerate. However, there are people on the OG saying they would gladly have a break in the show for a year or so so that he could come back. Errrr, no thanks. He can’t stay forever people and I have faith that the Rusty and co will pick the right guy for the job – they haven’t let us down yet. I just hope the press don’t flame him for not being Tennant. Y HALO THAR THE SUN.

3. I have scrapped my plot bunny for the Martha ficathon thingymajig. It was turning into something so depressing I could hardly bare to look at it any more without wanting to tear my eyes out, and anyway I suck at that sort of fic. Luckily, I has new, exciting plot bunny. I’ll give you a clue – Martha meets a cheerleader. My plan is to write it this weekend and post it as soon as posting opens because in my head, this plot is soooooooooo obvious, and I’m scared someone else might have the same idea as me.

4. Is it Torchwoods tiem nao? These brilliant drabbles by [ profile] seti_drd has got me so excited by the prospect of Mysterious Martha. Although I did have the realisation the other day that I will be out of the country for two weeks in February without net access so there is a good chance I will miss her. FAIL.
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Title: Lone Angels
Author: [ profile] magicallaw
Rating: NC-17. Adult content. NSFW.
Characters: Martha/Master
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, the BBC do.
AN: Thanks to my beta [ profile] ladymako71 for looking over this for me.

She is warm and tender as opposed to cold and distant. This is different. This is good. But he isn’t about to say this out loud. In fact, neither of them are saying much at all. That is even better. )
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Arggh, I’m so annoyed with myself. It’s my own fault really, I watched the shippiest of shippy episodes the other day – Smith & Jones, Shakespeare, Gridlock, Lazarus and 42. Followed shortly by the shippiest of shippy fics - The Third of December by [ profile] flaignhan (I know it’s been rec’d all over the shop but you must read it people). Then, today I stumble upon these icons by [ profile] sarah531, which are amazing BTW. But look at the Martha one’s!!!! How shippy can you get?

I thought this ship had hit an iceberg – I was wrong.

So my question, faithful flist, shall I continue to embrace this ship or shall I hunt down some good Ten/Donna or Ten/Master so I can get over it?
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1. Going back to work after a break is officially made of fail. I just had nothing to give today. And I was so tired, despite having two good nights sleep before I went. Ah well, only two days left before I go away again and I have this lovely feeling to look forward to next week.
2. I have no money. In fact I have less than that. So expect me to about on the interwebz even more than I am. I am relying on you faithful flist to keep me entertained.
3. Speaking of which, I am currently working on my plot bunny that I mentioned last week. I am hoping to have it ready to be beta’d by the Friday, so [ profile] ladymako71, you can expect an email from me soon hun! Consider it an early birthday present ; ). Just to give you all a heads up its Martha/Master and it is a lot darker than I have done before. And it’s pure pr0n. I did have a Ten/Donna bunny as well but I lost it over the weekend serves me right for drinking too much and staying up all night.
3. MY S3 MACROS, I WILL FINISH THEM. I know, I suck. But plot bunnies and rl have got in the way. It will be next week now.
4. I see that the Doctor/Rose manifesto is finished. Shall I read it, or will it make my brain melt? Part of me wants to read it but I know it will make me write a stupid cracktastic version AND THAT WOULD CAUSE MORE WANK WHICH WILL BE A BAD THING. Y/N?
5. Certain posts (which have since been deleted thank god) make Marthafen seem as crazy as the Rosefen. Can we stop picking holes, plz. I wasn't even bothered by the S3 Boxset cover - cos let's face it Master > pretty much everyone.
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1. I saw pictures of the TARDIS on the S4 Filming Thread on OG and got very excited. I am really pleased I don’t appear to have lost any love for this show despite the continuous wank in fandom.
2. So, Martha will be in 5 episodes next year. I hoped for more but I expected less so this is quite good news. It is even better news as it has shut up a lot of the haters on the OG who were certain that she would be making a ‘guest appearance’ and that Freema was dropped cos she was rubbish. We all know this to be nonsense. It’s funny what tabloid fodder people choose to believe isn’t it?
3. Even though I hadn’t signed up, it’s a real shame that the latest Martha ficathon failed. I was looking forward to reading those. It also seems a shame that comms like T&C seem to hold these sorts of things on a weekly basis with no trouble at all. Come on Martha fandom, pull your socks up. I do hope that people post their fics regardless.
4. Speaking of fics, I has another plot bunny. Now it won’t be done until next week now (See point 5 for reason) but I was wandering if someone would mind having a look over it for me. By someone I mean [ profile] ladymako71 *bats eyelashes* as it’s going to be a lot smuttier than I usually go so I think it needs an expert overview.
5. I’m going to Newquay for a few days tomorrow with some friends so I won’t be around until Monday. Try not to have too much fun without me ; )
6. Keep me posted [ profile] wynterhawk. I need gossip. *clings to you*
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1. I think Rosefen slash Ten/Master simply so they can pretend they are not crazy but deep down are still thinking that the Master is not as good as Rose and is more important.

2. I'm enjoying the Vitamin D I am getting now that that poxy UM-BER-ELLA song isn't number 1 anymore.

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1. I found this today because the environments is important. It’s called Blackle and it’s Google, but black. Basically having a white screen on your computer kills more trees than a black one apparently. So this is good.
2. I made friends with Harry Saxon on Facefuckbook. His page is really funny; basically him and Martha Jones send saucy messages to each other. This is now officially canon and I don’t care that he is dead. There is also some bloke called John Smith but his page is flocked and I’ve decided I don’t want to be friends with him anyway.
3. It stopped raining and there is a weird yellow thing in the sky. :)
4. S4 – Martha Jones gets a boyfriend/girlfriend/weevil/Owen. I will wank about this in more detail later. Probably after I have read the whole interview in DWM.
5. I has plot bunnies about 1969. And sex.
6. I will finish my S3 macros but looking at screencaps for the finale makes my eyes bleed.
7. I have about 100 pages of DH to go so I will finish it today.

The End.
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Author: [ profile] magicallaw
Title: Day One - Again
Characters: Martha, Gwen mention of Jack.
Rating: Suitable for all i.e. there be no secks or swears.
Spoilers: Err, if you turn your head and squint there might be for Last of The Timelords.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, Russell T Davies owns the rights to the character of Martha Jones. And Gwen.
A/N: Small drabble on how I think Gwen might react to Martha. Oh, and I also assume that ‘the year that never was’ had a big effect on Miss Jones and she gets a bit emo a la Jack in TW S1.

Just who is she?’ Gwen wondered. )
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Maybe I am going mad, but I think its inevitable now.

Can someone make me feel better please and tell me how wrong I am, or somefink? 

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Title: This Is What I Want
Author: Me
Characters: Ten/Martha
Rating: General/Very fluffy!
Summary: Contains spoilers for Human Nature and most likely for Family of Blood as well as blink and you'll miss them for Lazurus.
Authors Note: I have several other plot bunnies for some smut but I just had had had to write this. 



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