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1. Haven't stopped thinking about last night's Law & Order: UK all day. More blather. )

2. Ashes to Ashes to return April 20th. A day earlier than was reported yesterday, but still an excellent early birthday present for me. *pulls party poppers*

3. Doctor Who spoilers of glee. )
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... I get what Freema meant by this:

I think what they've done - which is quite out of character - is deviate from the formula. It's more about the regulars, and something happens that affects them more on a personal basis.

Holy heck.
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Flist, where is the happy shippy posts? C'mon, it's been like 20 hours and I have seen no mention. Then again, I have been burned with my ships that feature Freema and what appears to be forshadowing of something in the past. Maybe I'm wise to keep quiet about it.


Ah, what the hell: James/Alesha squeeage under the cut ) Also, am falling in love with Ben Daniels. This interview helped. He is very, erm, manly... And that voice... *daydreams* ANYWAY, I'm 'acquiring' The State Within as I type and I understand he is very 'manly' in that so YAY. To think, I couldn't stand him in Cutting It.

Oh, and I'm totally writing James/Alesha fic.
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Slight change of plan with the topic of my picspam for [ profile] picspammy this month. Ahem.


'Is that we as in we?' )
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... You spend the whole day hoping and praying that the next episode of the show is as shippy as the last one. Hurry up, L&O:UK.

I am so fucked.
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Oh man, I am all a flail thanks to tonight's Law & Order: UK. Basically, Alesha/Matt shippers to the left, pls, because my ship > your ship )

In conclusion: My head has been melted by the awesomeness that is Alesha and James and I totally need an icon of them.

teh pretteh

Mar. 9th, 2009 10:28 pm
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Freema's hair amazes me every week. It's not possible for it to be any prettier, surely? Anyway, Sean Pertwee was on this one, which was also my favourite of the series so far. Well done, Chibbers, well done.

Also, [ profile] picspammy has finally started a new challenge. Well all right, it was last week but I am a bit slow. I am currently collecting caps for my idea which may or may not be based around my new man crush Philip Glenister - more specifically, Gene Hunt. (I say new, but it's not really, but the wait for A2A series two is making me want him even more omg.)

This month's challenge is quite brilliant and basically tells you that such and such a person is fantastic, or here, have some evidence that these people are totally bumping uglys. My faves so far are: 5 reasons why the Doctor and Master are doing it - although, yes, needs more Pertwee and Delgado, IMO; 7 reasons why Jamal and Latika should be your new otp - in other words, go watch Slumdog Millionaire already; 6 reasons and Martha Jones is awesome -needs no explanation, surely; and finally (and a little bit surprisingly) 10 reasons why Nine/Rose are better than Ten/Rose - that's not to say that I think Ten/Rose is better. HELLO. But I am surprised for it made me ship Nine/Rose a little. Just a little. SHUT UP OMG.
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After being completely underwhelmed by the Being Human finale (I know I'm probably the only person who thinks this, but I can live with that), I am pleased to say that Law & Order: UK continues to be awesome. Spoilers )

Oh, and yes, I am aware that I owe fic commentaries to those who requested them. They shall be up some time this week.
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Noes. Dean Andrews' blog is telling me that Ashes to Ashes will not be back until April. APRIL. THAT IS LIKE FOREVER. Well, next week will be March, so April will be next month very shortly, and that is not that long at all. *tries to breath* On another A2A note, I am making a fanmix for Alex and Gene for they are very fanmix worthy. Much fun is being had looking through songs of the late seventies and early eighties. Plus, it is giving me a break from fic that is impossible to write.

Law & Order: UK started tonight. My thoughts )

Briefly, before I pop off to bed, I should mention that I watched Frost/Nixon this weekend and thought it was a really good film. Michael Sheen is a freak of nature. How does he do that? Could quite happily watch that again. Oh, and I just finished reading Liar by Stephen Fry. I love books that make me think 'what the flippin' heck is going on here?' all the way through, and I'm pleased to say that I just about figured it out by the end. I felt ever so pleased with myself, and of course, thoroughly entertained. That Stephen Fry's a clever chap, isn't he.
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1. Law & Order: UK trailer. I am very excited about Freema, obviously, but whilst everyone else on the internet is squeeing over some fella who is in some other show that I don't watch, I'm probably the only person excited about Bradley Walsh. A very lardy Bradley Walsh, I might add.

2. I drove for the first time today by myself. Still no car, though. Looking for a car under £400 is actually quite hard. Yes, I'm deadly serious.

3. Timey-wimey fic is hard, just so you know. I think I may have to write this thing backwards.

You what?

Feb. 6th, 2009 10:10 pm
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Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on at [ profile] who_anon? I am one confused - and lazy - mousie. THANKS, GUYZ.

Also, because I had a Friday night in and decided I needed something else to do...

[ profile] lawandorder_uk

Join, pimp, etc. I have serious high hopes for this show thanks to those who went to the BFI screening last night. I shouldn't ever get my hopes up for an ITV drama, but hey, Whitechapel is currently being awesome so maybe I shouldn't prejudge. Roll on Feb 23rd, I say.


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