Dec. 4th, 2008 12:42 pm
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Things what are not helping my sickness:

1. Sunderland being rubbish and managerless. Thanks a lot, Keano. Just when the going gets tough. WHATEVER.

2. The Devil's Whore. I failed to watch last night as I was in bed being pathetic and sick and stuff but I just watched it now. JOHN SIMM YOU HAVE BROKEN MY HEART. *goes off to look for Sexby icons*

ETA: I'm going to watch Oliver in order to cheer me up and in preparation for when I go and see it in two weeks.
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Well, I didn't see that happening. Seriously, 0-0 would have made me happy. Long may this continue.

I think I have to now be cynical about every game England ever play in order for us to win.
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I love Coldplay and I don't care who knows it.

So there.

"We wanted to make an album that a sixteen year-old can stand up for in the playground and be proud to say he likes." - Chris Martin

*loves him just a little bit*

I am so full of glee that their new song is teh awesome. However, the fact that their site offering a free download is not working is Made Of Fail.

ETA: *sings* He's Paul Scholes, he scores goals.

OMG WHAT A BELTER. *is still praying for a Liverpool v. Man Utd final*
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Sunderland are officially safe from relegation. And we clinched it in a derby match to boot. *breathes a sigh of relief*

Also, I can has Marfa now?
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Yeah, well we didn't want to be in the FA Cup anyway.

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Losing 3-0 to a team two divisions lower than you is not good. Nor is it clever.

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The football today was completely made of fail.

I think I can safely say we had it coming - we had quite a cocky start so hopefully this put people back in their place. Unfortunately, we now play Man United and Liverpool which won't be pleasant. As long as we don't get hammered - I'll be happy. And Keano is gonna rally the boys for Man U, so who knows?

I also changed my layout today as I was a bit bored with the old one. It's like getting a new phone, figuring it where all the buttons are tee hee.

Also, as you would have probably seen I went Friends Only today. I've been meaning to do it for a while and I had some free time today so I thought 'What the hey!'. No real reason for it, I haven't had any problems. I suppose it's a pre-emptive strike.

I feel like I have spent all day in front of this PC, cos I have so now I am off to bed.

Mmmmm, sleepies.


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