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My answers to those of you who asked questions. I rambled on some and got didn't with others. Sorry.

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That fandom meme thingy stolen from everyone:

Ask me anything: all types of fannish opinions, good, bad, and ugly. I'm screening all comments so ask me anything fannish-related and I'll answer (in a separate post) with complete honesty. Any TV show/book/movie that you're pretty sure I've mentioned in the past is fair game, as are thoughts on general themes and trends in fandom/fiction, lists of loved/hated characters, thoughts on ships, whatever. Comments are screened so you can ask whatever you want without being "revealed." If you don't care about being revealed you can let me know.
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1. Came up with a very workable idea for [ profile] tardis_bigbang. Alas, it won't involve Handy as I originally planned because that idea was just too... shit. So I went back to the drawing board and it hit me whilst I was at work. It is currently all in my head at the moment as I have learnt my lesson with regards to scribbling fic thoughts down at work. I think it shall stay in my head until I purchase a nice shiny new notepad tomorrow because I feel like I deserve a new one. I shall try to buy only one, as I do have a slight obsession with shiny new notebooks, but I'm making no promises.

2. Watched Slumdog Millionaire. No spoilers, but I can tell y'all that it's worth all the hype it's been getting. It was very difficult to watch in some parts but in that weird way that makes you want to watch it again right away. So yes, go watch it!

3. (Deleted as obvious post was obvious and I need to stop getting so easily pissed off by people.)
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1. Am reading Eclipse. I can't possibly bring myself to read all of them in one go, so I have to seperate them with, you know, something not made of fail. Anyway, I have decided what it is I hate most about the character of Bella: she calls her parents by their first names. I just can't get past that. I was going to make a fandom secret about that but I don't care about the fandom enough to bother. So there.

2. Speaking of secrets, I submitted one to [ profile] who_secrets which should hopefully be posted today. I shall give a pony to those who guess what one mine is. It really ain't that hard.

3. I caved and watched Demons. I didn't know that Ross Jenkins was in it. Now I have to watch the crack every week. There is no possible way I can take Philip Glenister seriously with that accent of his. LOL. Alex Drake's little girl was in it this week as well. Plus someone called Madge which was very funny. Only for me of course. Still. WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING THIS SHOW, GUYS?

4. I have an Inksome account now. If you have one and I haven't added you yet, give us a heads up.

5. I'm sure I had more to say. Hmm, maybe not. I go watch part two of The Moonbase now, yes.
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I am alive. Well, it's been a long week, but I am here; and sober home on a Friday night which is a BRAND NEW experience for me, but it is one I am enjoying a lot, mainly because it is warm and I have a big bag of Cadbury's Buttons in front of me.

ANYWAY, there is an actual reason for this update so I shall move on. Of course it involes me telling you how much I failed at [ profile] fandom_stocking so I won't linger on that for too long, obviously. I did manage to fill [ profile] elliptic_eye's stocking with a short Martha/Saxon ficlet which she seemed to enjoy so that's good. I left IOUs and I will try to do something else, I really will, as I was spoiled rotten with mine. Mine is here and I really was overwhelmed when I looked at it. [ profile] netgirl_y2k wrote me some Handy/Martha which was win, as was the Clyde/Rani that [ profile] doyle_sb4 wrote. YES, CLYDE/RANI. I was totally blown away by the Rose/Romana/Martha - the Femslash OT3 of choice - fanart what [ profile] pimpmytardis did for me. I have never received fanart as a gift before like that and, wow, it's gorgeous. [ profile] significantowl also left me some tunes which was wondeful too. And then strangers - STRANGERS - made me a icon and an IOU with the potential of a Ben/Polly fanmix which has me so giddy I can't even... *flails* Thank you so much, everyone. Really! ♥

Now, I have to get back to my very important task this weekend of devouring my West Wing dvds (yes, I caved and bought them. I'm holding all of you lot, plus the guy in my office who I smoke with, responsible for the sudden disappearance of £50 from my bank account), and trying to repay all you wonderful people in the form of (very belated) stocking fillers.

Oh, and whilst I'm here, have a fly-by pimp: new fic challenge at [ profile] smith_n_jones. I so wanted to call it 'The Any Doctor but Ten/Martha Fic Challenge' but it probably wouldn't have fit on the banner.
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Have no desire to do anything fannish at the moment - work is knackering me out. Oh well, one day left and then two weeks off, so hopefully I might achieve something fannish in that time. Had a small idea for some Handy fic last night, but one line of dialogue a fic does not make, so I will have to spend more time thinking on that. However there is MUCH drinking to be had in the next week or so, but I intend to have lots of chillaxing time as well. By that I mean time on the intarwebs, so YAY.

This post was going to be a lot longer, but Buzzcocks has started and OMG it looks fab, so yeah, see ya!
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The almost farce that was Strictly last night is all over today's papers, and surprisingly The X Factor result is buried somewhere in the middle pages. BBC 1 - 0 ITV. The fact that the result was on last night means there is no Strictly to watch tonight and that the BBC will instead be showing Lewis Hamilton collect the Sports Personality of the Year award when it should in fact be going to an Olympian. Maybe there is some injustice in Telly land after all...

Speaking of Telly land, I still have the last episode of Little Dorrit to watch and Never Mind the Buzzcocks for that matter. Not a bad to-do list for today, I'm sure you'll agree. At some point I might even think about what I plan to write for [ profile] fandom_stocking and for whom. My stocking is here if you feel like giving me a little something.
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Two of my favourite shows ended yesterday: bad times. But they both ended in style, guys; good times.

SJA The Enemy of the Bane Part 2 )

Spooks 7x8 )

In other fandom news, I have signed up for [ profile] fandom_stocking and I shall link you to my post asap.
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Is it like mandatory or something that, in smut!fics, the woman (or the man) can always feel their partner's 'arousal pressing against their stomach'?

Seriously, there are other ways to write sex, you know.
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I feel like I should say something on the matter, even though this matter may be a little old now. Re: Tennant fangirling. Cut for ramblings )

TL;DR: He's leaving after the specials, ain't he?
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I got tagged by [ profile] prettyquotable...

1. List your top seven ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your favorite.
3. Name their fandom.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people:
[ profile] bzzinglikeneon, [ profile] crazy_celebrian, [ profile] evilgeniuslady, [ profile] marah_sarie, [ profile] radiantbaby, [ profile] rosengirl and [ profile] zauberer_sirin.

Seven pictures of varying sizes and shapes (and quality) behind the cut. And no, there's no surprise that my top three are Who related. )

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1. So yeah, I've been thinking, what with this Rose-Hater labelling at the moment, the reason that S2 irked me so much at times was because I DON'T HATE ROSE. And it really bothered me to see such a strong character turn into a suicidal, selfish little girl. Ok S1 Rose had issues too, but fucking hell, not to the extent where she actually chooses to stay on a planet all by herself with no hope of rescue. Or survival.

It's the belief that Rose is THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD EVER AND THAT SHE JUST *HAS* TO RETURN TO CURE THE DOCTOR FROM HIS EMO PAIN that I fucking hate. Martha fen, on the other hand, simply want a little recognition of the character from the Doctor. I doubt that even Ten/Martha shippers (me inlcluded) want the happy ending that the Ten/Rose shippers crave. Mainly because they understand that such an ending is completley detrimental to the shows history. *sighs* I don't think there is much chance of these people 'seeing the light' as it were. I guess for me to find my Fandom Happy Place again (and I'd say I was about 90% there) I need to accept this and move on.

In fact, I actually feel sorry for some of the more hardcare sections of Rose fans who never gave Martha/Freema a chance in S3 and were determined to hate her no matter what. They could have gotten so much more out of the already awesome S3 than they did. More fool them, that's what I say.

2. Series 4 Speculation - ish )

3. LOL The TARDIS has had a new sunbed room fitted. Ten is such a fucking tart.
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People actually ship Billie/David?. WTF??

*backs away slowly from teh internetz*

Also, enough of the Rose/Master icons already.

ETA: I realise that I am probably slow on the uptake in terms of the whole RP shipping thing. But I like my semi-normal world just how it is, kthnx


Aug. 17th, 2007 01:44 pm
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It's only bloody Friday!!


It just feels like it has been a long time coming this week. I suppose it's cos I have just had two busy weekends and now I can relax.

I intend to spend my time at home and on my PC. Oh and I might try to start my fic for [ profile] telling_a_story, but I still need a plot bunny :(

Also can fandom go crazy again this weekend pls, so I can get involved. Kthnx


Aug. 15th, 2007 10:28 am
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Someone on teh OG thinks that Ten shouldn’t regenerate, he should go and shack up with Rose and then we gets a new Doctor.


Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] gryffinclaw
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Am I the only person in all of fandom who doesn't really care about this?

I'm clinging onto peeps on my flist who may be effected by it, but otherwise I am very 'meh' about the situation. Apart from when I am lol'ing at the wank this is causing. Cos that is very, very entertaining.
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1. I saw pictures of the TARDIS on the S4 Filming Thread on OG and got very excited. I am really pleased I don’t appear to have lost any love for this show despite the continuous wank in fandom.
2. So, Martha will be in 5 episodes next year. I hoped for more but I expected less so this is quite good news. It is even better news as it has shut up a lot of the haters on the OG who were certain that she would be making a ‘guest appearance’ and that Freema was dropped cos she was rubbish. We all know this to be nonsense. It’s funny what tabloid fodder people choose to believe isn’t it?
3. Even though I hadn’t signed up, it’s a real shame that the latest Martha ficathon failed. I was looking forward to reading those. It also seems a shame that comms like T&C seem to hold these sorts of things on a weekly basis with no trouble at all. Come on Martha fandom, pull your socks up. I do hope that people post their fics regardless.
4. Speaking of fics, I has another plot bunny. Now it won’t be done until next week now (See point 5 for reason) but I was wandering if someone would mind having a look over it for me. By someone I mean [ profile] ladymako71 *bats eyelashes* as it’s going to be a lot smuttier than I usually go so I think it needs an expert overview.
5. I’m going to Newquay for a few days tomorrow with some friends so I won’t be around until Monday. Try not to have too much fun without me ; )
6. Keep me posted [ profile] wynterhawk. I need gossip. *clings to you*


Jul. 14th, 2007 04:11 pm
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OK. I'm officially bored. Having no money officially sucks. I even got round to uploading my new mood theme.

I am relying on fandom to keep me indoors whilst I save money for a really expensive August.

*prays someone posts some fic/discussion*

Hey, how's about the drabble tag we were talking about last week in the [ profile] lifeonmartha chat?


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