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Not that I've abandoned my OTP or anything (see icon), but Ten and Donna have eaten my brain a little bit. And when I say a little bit, I mean a lot. So, I have a new layout. *grins* I especially love this new header because, oh Donna, you're so epic.
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Donna Noble Ficafest FOR GREAT JUSTICES. Go prompt, people. WE NEEDS MOAR DONNA.

Also, I forgot to watch that 'Pushing Daisies' thing that a lot of you have been raving about. It aired on UK telly tonight, but I was busy watching Buzzcocks repeats on Dave. (Best name for a TV channel ever, yes?) I'm not sure I can watch it, though, 'cos for me, Anna Friel will always be Beth Jordache: the lesbian who killed her abusive father and buried him under the patio. Some roles just stick, you know.
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I've just been updating my Mahoosive Fic Rec Post and I realise that it really needs MOAR DONNA.

So pls to be writing Moar Donna fic? thnx fandom.

Argh, Cliff Richard is on my telly. DOES NOT WANT.
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DONNA DRABBLE TAG brought to you by [ profile] ladymako71.

You know it will be cracktastically brilliant.
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Title: Leather Gloves and Paradoxies
Rating: PG-13. Spanking tiem. Woo hoo.
Characters/Pairings: Master/Donna, Ten/Donna
Spoilers: End of S3.
Disclaimer: You know the drill, not mine.
Summary: Donna meets Saxon. Crack ensues.
AN: You'll need to be aware that Richard & Judy is a very famous day time chat show in the UK and that Question Time is a high-brow political debate show.

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Sep. 5th, 2007 11:30 pm
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*is dead of hawtness*


*dies again*
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So, Jack runs Torchwoods 3. Martha is about to take over join him. Rose works for Torchwoods in Pete’s World, and I am presuming Mickey does too.

So on that basis, Donna will work for them too? How funny will that be?

Please discuss on a purely cracktastic level.
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I rewatched this the other night and now I have things to say.

1. I totally forgot how much I loved this. 

2. For some reason, David Tennant was extra sexy in this.

3. Series 4 has the potential to be absolutely lolarious and I cannot wait for that. I actually don't think Rusty will change Donna that much. Changing her would be an absolute waste of a character and an actress. I am going with the general consensus that Donna won't fall in love with the Doctor. Not cos she is older and ginger, but because the love angle has been explored fully now. Rose loved him and apparently that was reciprocated. Martha loved him and apparently that wasn't. (I say apparently cos it is all open to interpretation.) These are the only two options. With that in mind, I think it's safe to say I doubt we will see a doe-eyed, emo Donna. I want funny, snarky, feisty, wise Donna. And I am confident that it's the one we are going to get otherwise we're just gonna have a repeat of the last three series'. Of course, there is every chance that Rusty is going to piss all over my parade.

I'm sure I read a comment somewhere (can't remember who or where, sorry) saying that they think Ten and Donna are going to be like Maddie and David in Moonlighting - but before they got together and it went shit. Well I want that please. But they can has sex too.

4. This is my only icon with Donna. I need another one.


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