Mar. 9th, 2009

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Mar. 9th, 2009 10:28 pm
magicallaw: (dw s1: Nine)
Freema's hair amazes me every week. It's not possible for it to be any prettier, surely? Anyway, Sean Pertwee was on this one, which was also my favourite of the series so far. Well done, Chibbers, well done.

Also, [ profile] picspammy has finally started a new challenge. Well all right, it was last week but I am a bit slow. I am currently collecting caps for my idea which may or may not be based around my new man crush Philip Glenister - more specifically, Gene Hunt. (I say new, but it's not really, but the wait for A2A series two is making me want him even more omg.)

This month's challenge is quite brilliant and basically tells you that such and such a person is fantastic, or here, have some evidence that these people are totally bumping uglys. My faves so far are: 5 reasons why the Doctor and Master are doing it - although, yes, needs more Pertwee and Delgado, IMO; 7 reasons why Jamal and Latika should be your new otp - in other words, go watch Slumdog Millionaire already; 6 reasons and Martha Jones is awesome -needs no explanation, surely; and finally (and a little bit surprisingly) 10 reasons why Nine/Rose are better than Ten/Rose - that's not to say that I think Ten/Rose is better. HELLO. But I am surprised for it made me ship Nine/Rose a little. Just a little. SHUT UP OMG.


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