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I know I should make this post after a rewatch because there was TOO MUCH in tonight's ep that I felt was significant. Most importantly I spent the entire episode shouting at Chris to OMG HURRY AND ASK SHAZ. I knew, knew, knew that when Keeley Hawes said in some interview that there will be a wedding it would be Chris and Shaz. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT DRESS SHE WILL WEAR. It will be totally be the best dress ever, yes. I'm also ignoring the fact that Alan Jackson was evil in it. Boo. Tonight's episode that is, not Shaz's dress.

I totally heard the music from LoM 2x8 when Annie asks Sam to stay tonight, or did I want to hear it? I DON'T CARE. I heard it in my head with that last scene with Alex and Gene. Speaking of which, my ship was officially BACK tonight. SHE THOUGHT SHE'D LOST HIM. HER FACE, OH HER FACE. They were both so very hot tonight, oh yes.

So... Masons, huh. Not sure what this whole thing means for Ray but let's face it, as long as Gene ain't in on it then I don't care.

So, in terms of theories, I think two episodes in and things are just coincidences at the moment. If we have another Princess Di ref and another LoM ref (tonight's one was blatant. And I can't tell you how disappointed I was about the old lady's card reading. It was Ray all along. Pfft. But still a Tyler name check is a Tyler name check - especially with Gene's reaction.) next week then maybe I'll start thinking more of it. Of course my theories about pretty much everything ever are often very wrong so maybe I'll stop before I even begin.

Basically I'm just very happy that A2A is continuing to be awesome telly. Last week's was a great series opener and tonight's was really strong. The sort of strong you get towards the end of a series not at the beginning. If it gets better then, well... I MIGHT DIE.

Oh yes, before I go... Best use of a Phil Collins song in anything ever made. ♥
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