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That was good. No, wait. That was really good. So much to remember! Eeep. Although, it says a lot about where my head is at that the 'Robot' reference got the biggest hooray.

Lady Christina wasn't as annoying in the last half of the episode as she was the first, so I can forget easily about that. I loved her ending. Best ending for any sort of companion for a long time. Flying off in the bus is the way to go, guys. I want there to be fic now. Kthnx.

Now, have I been watching far too much RTD Who, or did that all make sense? I mean, there was nothing plot wise that made me O_O. I can't remember the last time that happened. Oh, wait, I just remembered the 'You look Time Lord' comment. There has to be fic from that, surely.

Of course the star of the show was Lee Evans. I am so glad he didn't die. I'm glad no one died actually. Well yes, there was the bus driver but seeing as that was in the first ten minutes or so, I'm behaving as though that doesn't count. Back to Malcolm, though. He is the Doctor's new best friend. I want an IDK, MY BFF MALCOLM icon NOW. Oh, I just loved him.

Plus, and I hoped there would be, Regeneration!Foreshadowing ftw. Now let me see if I can remember this:

1. 'Your song is ending, Sir.' - That's what they said in 'Planet of the Ood'. Could be referencing Donna's return? Or possibly the DoctorDonna's return?

2. Something about something returning through the darkness. AGAIN. We've had that one, thanks.

3. 'He will knock four times.' IF THAT ISN'T ABOUT THE MASTER THEN I WILL CRY.

We even got a next time trailer. And the blue suit will be back. Roll on November.
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