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1. Haven't stopped thinking about last night's Law & Order: UK all day. I think the main thing is that I didn't hate it. It was a great piece of telly. Totally difficult to sit through (the scene when eveyone's watching the tape is the most horrific thing I've seen in ages), but brilliant at the same time. Freema was totes amazing. She really has the power to break my heart. Haters on [ profile] who_anon who still claim she's shit can STFU. I'm also ignoring the fact Chibbers & Co. want us to ship Matt/Alesha, and I feel justified in doing so as the James/Alesha moments were too special to ignore. HIS FACE. He was so heartbroken. Oh, man. It killed me. Ben Daniels is very quickly becoming one of my favourite actors, yes.

Am slightly miffed that my James/Alesha fic is now totally jossed, but hey, that's what I get for being lazy and not finishing it before last night. Fic may well still happen, we shall see.

2. Ashes to Ashes to return April 20th. A day earlier than was reported yesterday, but still an excellent early birthday present for me. *pulls party poppers*

3. WILF IS COMPANION. COMPANION. I mean, yeah, I knew he was back, but this is so much betterer. And he's in two specials. WANTS IT NOW.

Oh yeah, Donna's back too.
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